Saturday, January 24, 2009

Werner button cover

Thursday an envelope with a bump arrived in Woerden. Sender was System-X located in Wockingham-GB. The envelope contained the Werner Button Cover I ordered via the US-Werner-Website a while ago. Obviously Werner uses their British distributor to supply European customers with the button cover. I ordered mine during the Christmas-holidays and received immediately a reply-mail from Danny Mongo in which he announced the order would be processed direct after New Year. The package arrived two weeks later - compliments for Werner's excellent customer care!

Update January, 25th: I tried out the paddle with the new button cover in winter-conditions today. Also with very cold and stiff fingers I managed quit easily to press the button to split the paddle. A bit less comfortable than without cover, but worries about Werner-paddles splitting unintended at awkward moments are definitely history!

The Danish version of this story: Helge Helligsoe's blog.

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Tony said...

Good news Hans. I don't know if we will get the same service in North America. I mailed my request a week or so after you did so I guess I can start looking in the mailbox.

Tony :-)