Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Kayak Fitness

How to stay in shape for kayaking long distances and under more challenging conditions? A lot of paddling sure is a good idea, but for a most of us not realistic. I suppose I am a bit beyond the average recreational paddler, and yet I can hardly manage to do more than two paddle sessions a week. So we all look for a alternative? Tanya does a really good suggestion with her Kayak-fitness video. An effective indoor-training for the TV? Alas, for me a video doesn't work. I am to weak: I need real people to motivate me! A good reason to join the local kayak-club. And I am also in the lucky circumstances that my employer offers a gym (with personal "High Five" trainers!) at the office. The training schedule in an average week:
  1. Monday (at lunchtime) - High Five "Total Body Workout" - a group program of 45 minutes Aerobics and power-exercises on the floor, with weights or with steps;
  2. Tuesday (at lunchtime) - High Five "Spinning"- a group training program 45 minutes cardio (my favourite, very intense!);
  3. Tuesday (evening) - 1,5-2 hours paddling on placid water with KV Wyrda;
  4. Wednesday (morning) - 1,5 -3 hours (mostly) cycling (MTB or race) or kayaking;
  5. Friday (at lunchtime) - High Five "Circuit-training" a mix program of 45 minutes cardio and power exercises.
  6. Weekend - time for a good paddle!

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