Monday, May 28, 2007

Triathlon Woerden 2007

For the second time Kayakclub Wyrda was asked to safeguard the swimming part of the Woerden Triathlon. Last years plan to participate with a Wyrda-team in the triathlon is forgotten, but paddling amidst a group of swimming athletes is a nice substitute. Yelling spectators detracted a bit from the feeling, but with all the swimmers full swing it felt almost like paddling along a big group of sea-mammals.

After a warm period the water temperature was substantial higher then last year, only one swimmer had problems with the cold and was hyperventilating- and was taken out of the water, otherwise no real safety incidents occurred. The kayakers played mainly a role as traffic-regulators and as mental coaches for the laggards: escorting and talking the last finishers in.

It was a kind of therapeutic paddling for me today. I am suffering a bloody backache last days. Very annoying, I can hardly put on my socks… Sitting, laying, walking, nothing feels comfortable at the moment, so I decided kayaking couldn’t be worse and gave it a try. The basic forwards paddling stroke is a nice back-exercise, gently it was manageable. As a matter of fact turning the corpus isn’t the biggest problem: laying back and forward is painful. I didn’t even think of trying out a balance brace or layback-greenland roll, but the classic c-c/hipflick roll worked. Meanwhile I know my backache mostly doesn’t last long.

Janine did a new PR for the 1/8 triathlon. 3 Minutes faster than last year, but this time no Gold Medal (2006 she finished first in the D40 class). Not even Bronze or Silver: It’s a pity, I was so proud with the local Triathlon champion as my partner ;-) Never mind, well done Janine!

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