Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spiekeroog II

One more day and than it's a week off: Spiekeroog! It's the second time we organise a seakayak-course in cooperation between the Dutch NKB and the German Salzwasserunion. Last year one group of Dutch kayakers took part, this year there is a group on "Zeevaardigheid"-level and one on "Zeevaardigheid-Extra"-level. With three Dutch seakayak-coaches and two future Dutch coaches participating in Spiekeroog and the Salzwasserunion taking part in the NKB-Vlielandweek this year, the cooperation no longer is a solo-initiative but really starts to settle. Good!

I am looking forward to a week paddling and to meet Urs, Bernhard, Anke, Stephen, Peter and all the other German friends I met during the last year. There is no internet-connection on Zeltplatz-Spiekeroog so there will be next week no posts.

Yesterday I was busy preparing the nautical charts and the tidal atlas in my little private studio. With a simple scanner and laminator, it's easy to make laminated copies of the Charts. Very pratical. I don't use a waterproof mapcase since.

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Michael said...

Excellent idea Hans! Now to find a decent laminator I can afford! ;-)