Thursday, May 24, 2007

75 years Afsluitdijk

Zuiderzeewerken, painted by J.H. van Mastenbroek - temporary exposition in the Zuiderzee Museum - Enkhuizen from 19 January till 24 June 2007.

This month it's exactly 75 years ago that, by completing the Afsluitdijk ("the closure dike"), the Zuiderzee became the IJsselmeer. The "salt sea" changed, within a few decades, into a giant "sweet lake". New land was made.

The jubillee of the Afsluitdijk is accompanied by the usual festivities like todays' official happening with His Royal Highness the Prince of Orange (special interest in water management), lectures and expositions, special editions of daily papers.

I was struck by an article yesterday in the Volkskrant with the titel "Van werkzee tot speelmeer" ("from a working-sea to a playful-lake"). In 75 years the engineering project has changed a lot physical and ecological, but perhaps the social-cultural changes in our society are even more dramatically. Daydreaming about the perspectives of seakayaking in an open Zuiderzee is very 2007...

Bert Verhoeff and Rolf Bos travelled along the IJsselmeer and published their 2007 impressions in a photobook. A recommandation for Photo-adddicts... See the video-report with the making off.

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