Thursday, May 10, 2007

Palm verdient een pluim!

By exception you find a title in Dutch above this post. That's because the right English words fail me now. I don't how to express my feelings of thankfulness and appreciation towards the people of the custom care department of Palm Equipment International Ltd in Clevedon, Uk. Sometimes it's hard not to write in the native language, but let's give it a try.

What's up? About two weeks ago, suddenly some persistent leakage occurred in my beloved Palm Drysuit (exactly on a very intimate spot). The cause of the leakage proved to be delamination of a tape on the seam at the bottom end of the zipper. Very annoying, as this happened in the middle of my early season paddle activities, just before the Spiekeroog Course of NKB and Salzwasserunion (where I will be coaching, which often means standing in cold water). So I contacted Palm, explained the problem and sent the Drysuit to the UK. I was afraid it wouldn't be back in time, but Palm acted immediately: yesterday the postman delivered a huge parcel containing a brand new Sidewinder Drysuit. Within one week I received a replacement from the UK! This is really perfect custom care - thanks Julie and collegues at Palm, Clevedon!

The drysuit arrived exactly in time: Friday I will be leaving to Spiekeroog. After a warm and dry April Month, the weather has changed dramatically: it's going to be a windy, rainy and chilly week in Germany. And once you’ve got used to the comfort of a Drysuit, you really don't want to get back in wet and cold Neopreen stuff!


René said...

Hello Hans,
Have a good time at Spiekeroog.
All the best.

Anonymous said...

Hello Hans,
The wheatherforecast reminds me of last years course at spiekeroog.
Wieger Tomassen

Hans said...

Hoi René and Wieger!
Thanks! The weatherforecast is again very promising: a lot of wind ;-) ! But after Sunday it should get better.