Saturday, September 27, 2008

Early Saturday-morning: KVDRV Canoe Polo Training

While most people in the Green Hart of Holland were still asleep: 8 fanatic kayakers got up early for the weekly Canoe Polo Training of Kayakclub de Ronde Venen.
It was not a real coincidence that I met this group during today's early morning-bike-trip*. It's nice that with the modern cell-phones you always have got a camera with you. Alas the performance of this camera is a bit limited. It's difficult to capture the amazing atmosphere of the moment. The build-in camera lacks the crisp sharpness of a serious camera.
So in words: it was a very beautiful late summer-early autumn-morning: quit, calm, fresh and humid. The best morning of the year... I love September!

(* Later this morning I assisted the KVDRV with the NKB-assessments for young kayakers.)

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