Sunday, September 14, 2008

Surf-session with KV Wyrda - Epic Surf Ski Kayaks

Only just returned from Vlieland late Saturday-evening, Sunday another kayaking-day was up: the Surf day of kayakclub Wyrda. Five young kayakers from Woerden had signed in for the surf-clinic with Vloed Kanosport in Hoek van Holland. With an easterly wind of 4-5 Bft I was afraid that there would be hardly any waves. But the conditions were surprisingly well: 2 or 3 hours before high tide a nice surf came up with waves up to 2 feet high, creating perfect conditions for this beginners-session. Especially Jelle and Daniel couldn't get enough and after a lot of wet-exits at the beginning, they really got the hang of it. I enjoyed watching my son having fun, getting some really great surf-rides. Proud daddy!

Though I had taken the Anas Acuta with me (the kayak was still on the car from Vlieland), I spent most of my time on the beach: helping the kids to empty their kayaks, making pictures and chatting with kayak-friends. Hoek van Holland is becoming a meeting place for paddlers in the Western part of Holland. It was a "gezellige" day. ("gezellig" is one of those Dutch words that can't be properly translated. "Gemütlich" (German)/"cosy" (English)/ "confortable" (French) come close but just miss the essence of the typical Dutch "gezelligheid"). Anyway, I enjoyed that Piet (one of the aspirant seakayak-coaches) came by for a chat.

Paul and Peter from were at the beach with two brandnew Epic Surf Ski Kayaks: the V10 and the V10 Sport. It was their first time to paddle at sea with the V10 (the racing version of the V10 sport). The V10 is only a few centimeters slimmer than the V10 sport (45 cm instead of 48 cm width) - but it makes a lot of difference in stability.

Surf Ski Kayaks are rare in the Netherlands - actually I only knew Surf Skis from pictures, so I liked this occasion to try one out. The V10 sport is surprising stable and yet feels very fast and responsive. Because I was looking after the kids I hadn't quit the rest for an extensive paddle, but the first strokes taste like more!

Picture-album of the Surf-Session: click here

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