Thursday, September 11, 2008

Vlieland 2008 - The written exam

No picture of the day this time, but a picture of my trusty Anas Acuta seakayak- yesterday: resting on the sand Engelschhoek. While most instructors were on the beach doing the NKB-Kayak Safety Test with their groups, I spent the whole day at the campsite - a big part of the time behind the laptop preparing the theoretical (written) part of the sea-proficiency (NKB Zeevaardigheid, Salzwasserunion A-Schein) test tomorrow. I am curious what the candidates make of it tomorrow. Sien prepared a collection of questions that gave me inspiration for an exam covering a wide range of the NKB curriculum written down to the local details of the Wadden region around Vlieland. It was fun to make, let's hope the candidates appreciate it tomorrow. Success!!!

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