Saturday, September 06, 2008

Live from Vlieland

Thanks to my latest digital gadget I now have a connection from the remote Dutch isle of Vlieland to the World Wide Web. Which is very handy for regular weather updates, and also offers a unique occasion for live updates from the happenings on the NKB Vlieland sea kayak week.

Today wind was blowing from S-SW 5-6 Bft. Gales were predicted up to 7 Bft. In combination with the tide running late, we decided to make the crossing to Vlieland (35 km's) with the complete group by ferry - a quit relaxed start of the week. Looking down from the ferry at the water the waves looked very tempting, perfect conditions for a fast surfing ride to the isle... Thinking of the 65 kayaks on board of the ferry, I suppose it was a wise decision we made.

Atcampsite Stortemelk tents were pitched up. The ZVE (advaced sea proficiency) group of Joris prepared todays' evening meal under supervision of chief-cook Michel.

Evening menu: "rote Beete" soup with creme freche, Confit de Canard with roasted potatoes and rosemary and green asparagus, cucumber-salad with dill. (For the vegetarians a timbal from aubergines with goat-cheese piled up with basil). Dessert: Mango-sorbet with fresh blackberries and blackberries. A culinary traction for an international party on the tables Dutch, Spanish, German, French and Catalonian languages were spoken...
And tomorrow: time for paddling...

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Anonymous said...

Hoi Hans,

En zie ik daar Herman en Michiel weer vooraan staan bij het eten opscheppen?

Geweldige dit live-verslag. Ik ben helemaal jalours dat jullie daar zitten en ik hier. Doe ze allemaal de groeten