Monday, September 01, 2008

The first salt water experience - part 2

This Sunday the second part of the "Grootwatertocht" from Kayakclub Wyrda took place. Due to some changes in participants, for most it wasn't actually the first trip on salt water but more a kind of a renewed acquaintance. For Jelle however, it was the first time to paddle out at the North Sea.
The day couldn't be more perfect. Sunny, air temperature 25 degrees Celsius, water temperature 19 degrees Celsius, Wind 2-3 Bft. SE. The sea offered highlight after highlight.

1. A close encounter with a curious seal. (Click on the picture for a closer look at the seal behind Jelle's kayak.

2. Mediterranean conditions during the break on a slowly under the rising water disappearing sand some km's before the coastline of Schouwen.

3. Some nice waves to play in. The perfect size to get the feeling for balancing and bracing.

4. And finally the feeling of gliding over a mirror, lost in space.
Wyrda grootwater08 deel 2
Click on the miniature for more pictures.

Paddled distance: 22 kms. Planning this trip I anticipated on the new rules for the Voordelta and avoided paddling in the parts of the Voordelta that will be closed in the future. We didn't land on the sand of the "Aardappelenbult" but on a sand near the "Schaar van Renesse" close to the isle of Schouwen. There were no seals or larger groups of birds resting on this sand.

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