Friday, April 28, 2006

Beatrix, Asterix and Obelix

The day before Koninginnedag is Birthday honours day: this year 3524 people were honoured by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix. One of the most surprizing decorations is Albert Uderzo as "Ridder in de Orde van de Nederlandse leeuw"; one of the highest honours. Only 19 people became "Ridder" (= Knight) in this Order. One of the considerations with this decoration is "the importance of Asterix for the propagation of Latin language and culture"...
Uderzo is undoubtly a great artist. But it's a Frenchman! What has he done with the Netherlands? There is no album of "Asterix in Holland". There is one album "Asterix in Belgium". But Belgium and the Netherlands became seperated in 1830. Dutch and Belgians are different. Belgium has its own Royal Family and its own Royal decorations. I think Beatrix wants Uderzo to make a Dutch album in the last years she reigns this country.
With her name it is strange indeed that Uderzo didn't came earlier to this idea. And historical there are may reasons for it. The Limes cuts the Netherlands in two, we had the Friezen and the Batavieren, Woerden had its Castellum: enough stuff for a good album.

Right now I feel like Obelix in the picture above. I have canceled tomorrows seakayaktour in the Voordelta. The weatherforecast says 5 Bft, gales up to 7 Bft, a chance of showers of hail and thunderstorms in the afternoon. I don't like to disappoint enthousiast people, but with these expectations, water and air temperature both around 10 degrees Celsius, it's not responsible to go out at sea with a group of almost 20 kayakers. I do like a challenge once in a while, but not tomorrow with a group under my responsability! Like Obelix says: "you live near the sea but you are not allowed to have the pleasure of it.... " it's Sh**.
The stupid thing is: it's just an expectation. Maybe wind slacks and conditions are good tomorrow... There is a saying in Dutch "Thuisblijvers hebben altijd ongelijk" -> those who stay at home are always wrong. Mostly that's my device. But that's mostly, not now.
I have no doubts with my decision. Yet it still feels bad.

I am going to drink a Guiness and watch the so called "Sea Kayaking Porn": This is the sea - the great video Justine Curgenvan made.

PS: next week I have no internet-connection. It will take a few days before I can add new posts in this blog.

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derrick said...

those who stay at home are always wrong. .

Well, I have not choice but to find a place to post that saying in my office. . thank you.