Monday, April 10, 2006


Not writing in my native language brings me some extra work, and extra fun. Foreign words can be very fascinating. "Miscellaneous", for example, is a wonderful combination of characters. It's so different from our Dutch language. It's a pleasure to look at. Spoken it's somewhat disappointing; the simple sound doesn't match the beauty of the written word.
Today a short post about various (miscellaneous) items.

1. René wrote an interesting addition to my item about the aspects of sitting high or low in a kayak. You can find his comment here. Btw: René has also started blogging in English.

2. The Dutch have a tradition of the "Voorjaarsschoonmaak" (= "spring-cleaning-time"). In real world I seldom join this tradition. But I noticed I made a mess in the virtual world: it was time to clean up the kayak bookmarks in my Browser. I am combining this action with reorganizationon of the previous Dutch Kajakwoerden blog . I am transforming it in a link-list with my favorite kayak weblinks. You can access it by the first weblink on the right side of this blog.

3. Last week I bought a VHF-handheld radio at last. I found that, as a kayak coach, I should be a able to use the Radio legally, so I did the examination for the users-licence and got the appropriate permissions and registrations to use it with a seakayak. It's not difficult to do this, but it takes a lot of procedural steps, time and money. The whole procedure with Dutch administration takes at least 3 months. For the Dutch kayakers I made a description of the current procedures (in Dutch) here.

4. In preparation for the Seakayak course at Spiekeroog, Govert and I visited Urs (a German Sea kayak coach) in Germany yesterday. Now it's definitive: Govert and I will coach the complete group of German and Dutch kayakers in their "Zeevaardigheid/ Seebefähigung" (= BCU 4 star)-training. Experienced members of the Salwasserunion will assist us. I am looking forward to this Dutch-German co-operation! And with the fishing-skills of Govert nobody needs to be hungry!

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