Thursday, April 13, 2006

KNRM - lifeboat-report April 2006

This morning the postman delivered "De reddingboot": the quarter-year report of the KNRM (the Dutch equivalent of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution). It's a fascinating magazine with stories of brave man risking their lives while rescuing sailors under live-threatening conditions.
I always love to read about seakayakers anywhere/anytime, but there is one big exception: please no stories about seakayakers in "de Reddingboot"!
Today's edition containes two reports of operations where seakayakers were involved ;-(

It will be next week when I finish the item I intended to write about these rescue-operations. Now it's bedtime and tomorrow we are going to Germany for a family happening in the Eiffel. No sea, no kayaking, but forest, hills, trails, hiking and mountainbiking (and some social activities with relatives). It could be worse...


Wenley said...

Hello Hans,
Thank you for your comments on the coaming waist line. I consider it to be of use only in calm water. There is definitely a high risk of entrapment.
I wait to read your comments on those two rescues.
Enjoy Easter,

Susanne said...

Have fun this weekend!