Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Eating fish

picture from RVU-educatieve omroep

He kisses a codfish, seduces a young Dover sole, walks at the bottom of the sea and discovers the use of a pair of scissors to get a fish in pieces.
Klootwijk aan Zee is a new series on Dutch television about fishing, eating, and stories.

Wouter Klootwijk is reporter, writes book for children and publishes in the NRC-Handelsblad. I like his style, especially the culinary reviews he wrote under his nom de plume Ben de Cocq (De Boer & Cocq). So I am curious about his performance at television. The concept of the program isn't original (it reminds me of National Geographic series like "Atlantic Britain" with Adam Nicolson) but it sounds very promising.

I missed the first broadcast yesterday. I was to busy mailing for the kayak thing. But there is a repetition: tomorrow at 12.00, ned 3. I am going to set the video right now (before I forget to do it).


bonnie said...

OK I really am going to blogroll you SOON! I'm sorry! Maybe if I have time for lunch today - I've been enjoying your blog & I'm getting such a kick out of what an international network of kayak bloggers there is getting to be!

Hans said...

Hi Bonnie!

"to Blogroll" -> what's that? I hope it doesn't hurt ;-)

Thanks for the kind words. I also enjoy reading your stories. I never realised before NY is a great place for seakayaking!