Sunday, April 02, 2006

Give me a hand...

Saturday evening was the last kayak-poolsession of this season. On this occasion Kayakclub de Kromme Aar hired all the pools of the sportscenter including the recreational pool (with a magnificent water-slide and a whirlpool!) and friends and family were invited. So we had a great paddle fest. Coincidentally Suus and her daughter Lieve were visiting us, so with our two kids we were six. For Suus and Lieve it was the first introduction to kayaking. Lieve (1o years old) had no restraints at all, but Suus (age ... ;-) first thoughts were: "how do I get in and how do I ever get out of this tight fitting thing- help!" Yet after some short balance acts, edging and leaning exercises, Suus soon was hanging upside down and practicing the hip-flip. The first time she was pulling powerful on my hands. I was surprised how soon she found out that when shoulders and face leave the water last, the hick flick does the work for you. As a matter of fact I even think that physically she didn't need to pull or touch my hands at all for recovery, but mentally: that's another thing...Rolling is a mental thing: "het zit allemaal tussen de oren!"

PS: A Kayak Rolling Primer from Rob Highnell is back on the web!

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