Sunday, April 23, 2006

Countdown for Spiekeroog: 4 weeks to go...

Today was a preparatory meeting with the Dutch participants of the 4-star course at Spiekeroog (Germany) in May. Because I hate to spent a whole sunday indoors, and to offer more than just a day of gathering and talking, I invited the group to start in the morning with a little kayak tour around Woerden. This also offered a good occasion to check the gear. Just in time: there are four weeks left to adapt the kayaks to NKB and SAU standards. I should be ashamed myself: as a coach I am supposed to give a good example, but I haven't customized my new Pintail yet. I think I will do it this week: next the saturday is the first launch of the Pintail in salt water.

It was a odd sight: 10 complete outfitted seakayaks in the small ditches and canals around Woerden. It's overdone, but we had fun with it ;-)
Maarten surprised us with a beautiful self-made greenland-kayak. He won't use it at Spiekeroog; it doesn't meet modern safety standards. But there sure is a lot of interest for a greenland style rolling class with Freya!

Blogger upload tool refuses to add more pictures. To see more kayakers and cows: click here.

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