Friday, April 28, 2006

Escaping Koninginnedag...

Prinses Máxima der Nederlanden,
picture of the Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst

The Dutch love their Royal family. Especially since Princess Máxima married Prince of Orange Willem Alexander and introduced Argentinian latin temperament. Many Dutch enjoy "Koninginnedag". Some Dutch however want to escape it. Perhaps that's the reason why there are so many entries for the seakayak tour in the Voordelta tomorrow.

This is what 20 seakayakers miss:

This is what they might get instead:

Just like the Queen, I do hope the weathergod has a good temper. The forecast is uncertain, some weathersites predict NW 5 Bft with gales up to 7 Bft in the afternoon. This evening I will listen to the Marine forecast and definitely decide what to do. For the participants: please have a look at this evening!

1. I have repaired and added some links in last posts. Thanks to Jochen and René for their comments on missing links;
2. Lately René has added a new English article to de zeekajaksite;
3. Axel was a few days in the Netherlands and has updated his blog with reports of his trips in the US and Mexico. He just left for the Anglesey Sea Symposium...

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