Saturday, September 02, 2006

Attack of the clones - black gear

Background from Star wars -Attack of the clones - Lucasfilm 2002
Black paddler in front - private picture

Some dark black fetish cult is going on in the kayak blogging scene. Dark pioneers like Freya and Dubside have driven Derrick and Wenley for a passionate quest for black gear. In their hunt for perfection even PFD’s, cags and kayaks must be black. Derrick has finally got his black PFD, Wenley leads the pack with his black kayak! Now that Derrick has revealed his aspirations of being a black kayak Ninja, and Wenley has written that he likes paddling like Sith swordsman, I can’t wait any longer: it’s time for my coming out!

I love black gear. Black is beautiful, stylish, fascinating, desirable….

The top in black gear is leather gear. Not for kayaking but for motorbiking: since 20 years I drive in a complete black leather motor-outfit, no shiny prints, no logo’s, just all black. It used to be the perfect combination with my black BMW’s, the last one being the limited edition 75th anniversary BMW-Roadster in “Nachtschwarz” with fine double white hand painted lines. Such a pitty the new Roadster wasn’t deliverable in black…

Despite the looks, for kayak gear I don’t want black any more. I don’t want dark blue either. The main reason for this is, I always have great difficulties in finding the piece of gear I want in my stuffed closet, and the same problems with kayak compartments, waterproof gearbags and so on. How often haven’t I be standing next to my kayak looking for the second (black) neoprene sock somewhere down under in a dark stuff bag, or packed in my black Reed trousers instead of the long sleeved top, just because they are all black?? I want shiny gear in all different colours! And that’s not easy, being most of the socks, gloves, tow-lines, thermal-shirts and other Neoprene and Reed gear only sold in black (over very dark blue). So in spite of my hesistations (when I can find my gear) I am often dressed in black. And the tight fitting Reed-wear is always good for a comment from my fellow paddlers. I am not sure if it is for envy or for admiration ;_)

Btw: I must give Reed (the manufacturer of the Chillcheater-gear) credits. Some of their Super-stretch Aquatherm outfit is also available in Yellow! I ordered the Reed baklava in High visible yellow. It’s great: I never have any difficulties finding it (and you can see me from miles, - when I am wearing it!). Also the tops and shirts of Reed are available in Yellow. That’s good. Why didn’t I order them? That's because of the big red “Lifeguard” text on front and back. I am to vain: I am no Baywatch hunk! (lacks some body work… ;-)


Anonymous said...

Isn't he handsome?!

Wenley said...

Thank you, Hans. But Derrick should get all the credit. Everybody will agree that in spite of writing as if he were cooly unconcerned of fashion, he is a man of taste who follows closely the latest trends.
As for me, my choice of black is simple: I have grown tired of trying to find matching colours before every paddle.

Hans said...

Hi Wenly!
I agree with your opinion on Derrick.
But for yourself; you are too modest. There is nothing wrong with a good taste! ;-)

Hi JJ!
Anonymous fanmail?!