Monday, September 11, 2006

Live report from Vlieland

Internet has reached the campinggrounds of Vlieland. It's a pitty I didn't know that before; now I miss the USB cable to connect the digital camera to the PC. No pictures yet: just a few words about the first two days.
At Saturday half of the group - the advanced paddlers - made the crossing from Harlingen to Vlieland/Campsite Stortemelk by kayak. The other half of the group made the crossing by ferry. With springtide and a moderate easterly breeze (3-4 Bft) it was relaxed paddling, 17 nm in about 3 1/2 hours.
It is a pleasure to meet all the familiar faces (from previous seakayak camps) at Vlieland and to see a group of new enthousiast paddlers. About 45 participants. This year I am leading the 5 star tour group. Due to circumstances it's a very small group: Michel, Sien and Gerard. Gerard was delayed, so the first day we were just three. Sunday we made the circumnavigation of Vlieland in one day. That's quite a distance, but with the condition and mind-set of Michel and Sien no problem. Wind 4-5 Bft NE. We paddled from Stortemelk along the Wad-side to the Robbenjager in Texel in just 3 hours. Never done it that fast! Today Gerard joines us. I am looking forward to it: Gerard is known in the scene as a very good, sporty and fast paddler! Never met him before.
Today is a resting day. We are going to buy food in Terschelling, so only crossing the Vliestroom today. Back at Vlieland this evening for diner. Michel's meals are exquisite! Leaving in half a houre, so I should finish writing now.
We want to circumnavigate Terschelling on Tuesday and Wednesday, with a bivouac on Terschelling. Great, but we miss Michel's cooking adventures for two days!

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