Friday, September 08, 2006

Leaving for Vlieland

Picture of Vliehors, Vlieland, de Richel and Terschelling by Dutch Aerophoto-Schiphol

Coastal waters - The weatherforecast for Netherlands coastal waters and adjacent lakes and estuaries -Issued: 8 september 2006 15:19 UTC -A warning to shipping: There are no warnings.- Synopsis: high over the southern part of the North Sea is slowly moving east.

It's looking good, perfect conditions fo a great week at the NKB-Vlieland-Seakayakweek! I am just packing the last things and want to go to sleep early. I have to get up very early: tomorrow morning at 6.00 AM Axel comes by to pick me up with kayak and all the gear.
So next week I am paddling, not blogging!

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derrick said...

cool! have fun!