Monday, September 18, 2006

Vlieland: the pictures and Michels' figures

For the participants: all my pictures of the Vlieland kayaksymposium are uploaded to MijnAlbum. Sorry: despite the fantastic weather, I wasn't in a photographing mood this time, so it's only a limited number of pictures of some activities I was involved. Click this link to download the pictures in original size.

For the statistics, next to the nautical miles, the time tables and the weather forecasts, here are the figures of Michel – the “chef de cuisine”:

In seven days, 48 paddlers processed:
· 130 litres Soup;
· 45 kilos of organic meat and fish;
· 150 kilos of fresh vegetables;
· 50 kilos of fruit;
· 60 kilos other quality food!

And here is the picture the print for the 2006 T-shirt is based upon:

Kaat in surf on the Hinderplaat, November 2005

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