Monday, September 11, 2006

Vlieland: Culinary Paddling

First picture of the Vlieland Seakayak Camp by Michel, chef de Cuisine

The Vlieland Seakayakcamp Menu , day 1-3:

1. Saturday: Asia

Asian vegetable soup
Sri Lanka Chicken Curry/Ananas Curry
Vegetable fried Rice
Cucumber salad with fresh coreander
Greek Yoghurt with honey

2. Sunday: France

Onion Soup
Lamstew with pickled onions provencial style
Fried potatoes with rosemary
Rocket Salad with dryed figs and pinolli
Chocolate mousse freshly made

3. Monday: encore la France!

Spinage soup
Confit of Duck
Portobellomushrooms filled with wild mushrooms, dryed tomatoes, feta cheese, spring onions and minth
Mashed Potatoes
Tomato basil salad
Mango Icecream with passion fruit and ginger snaps

Paddling at Vlieland is good!

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