Sunday, April 12, 2009

LLanca, the day after: home again!

Yesterday (Saturday) we said at 13:30 goodbye to our friends on the campsite in Llanca. At 02:30 in the night we (Bernhard, Stephan and I) arrived in Cologne. This morning (Sunday) at 5:15 I parked the car in our driveway in Woerden. After a short nap, I joined Easter-breakfast with the family. I do admit I was the rest of this first Easter-day a bit listless, bored and drowsy. Sorry to the family! Sorting, washing and drying the kayak- and camping gear made it a useful day though. Fortunately it was warm and dry in Holland (warmer than in Spain): which makes drying wet tents and kayak-stuff a lot easier!
The other job of the day was sorting out the pictures. I put a selection in a Picasaweb Album. Click on the slideshow-miniature for a full-screen version.

The Llanca symposium and paddling week were great. I enjoyed it very much. Compliments to the people of Pagaia that made all this possible. You did a great job! I am looking forward for the 4th Spanish Seakayaksymposium!


marisa said...

Hello Hans, thank you very much for sharing these recollections. Congratulations for the blog. I have allowed me a link in our group of facebook Kayakcat
Best regards,

Hans Heupink said...

Hi Marisa!
That's OK - can you e-mail me a link to your facebook-group?

Josep M Llargues said...

Congratulations for the photos, other collection images the Symposium and one video are in