Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Safer Water Sports - Nationale Reddingbootdag 2009

Lifeboat crews from national maritime rescue agencies like the Dutch KNRM, the British RNLI and the Spanish SM respond every years to thousands of incidents, many of which could have been prevented with simple safety precautions. The majority of these launches are to leisure crafts. No wonder that most rescue agencies run campaigns on "pleasure boating safety". In Llanca I stumbled across this nice booklet of Salvamento Maritimo.

The size, layout and styling of the Spanish booklet has a striking similarity to the publications of the Dutch KNRM. Interesting is that 4 pages of the Spanish booklet are dedicated to "Navegación en kayaks" with advises on kayak safety, Personal safety, preparation, navigation at sea and emergencies.

In the Netherlands the number of (incidents with) seakayakers is too small to appear in the statistics of the KNRM. I am happy with that! Please leave me in the delusion that this is because Dutch seakayakers are always well trained, equipped and prepared ;-) Anyway, the Dutch seakayakers and the Dutch seakayak associations have a good relationship with the KNRM. Sometimes we even cooperate in rescue-trainings. The KNRM has (as far as I know) no special information on safety for seakayakers. But a lot of information of Zeevast (the campaign of the KNRM on safer water sports) also applies to seakayaking.

Next Saturday at all rescue stations of the KNRM is the yearly "Reddingbootdag" held: a perfect occasion to get an impression of the work and people (mainly volunteers) of the KNRM.

Another booklet ( I got this booklet last year in Scotland - I don't know if it's still available): the included interactive CD of the RNLI is a top tip - it covers most aspects of the curriculum of NKB-Zeevaardigheid/BCU 3* and 4*/SAU A-B-Schein on navigation, weather and tide, first aid, emergencies and more!

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