Friday, April 10, 2009

Llanca - rolling Maligiaq's kayak

The last paddling day in Llanca we made a relaxed happening near the campsite. Marc Martin and I had made an appointment to play a bit around. We started together with Bernhard paddling with our Greenlandic paddles and exploring the rocky coasts.

Later Marc and I did a rolling session. I was rolling in the original skin on frame qayaq that was custom made for Magiliaq Padilla, two years ago when he attended the second edition of the LLanca seakayak-symposium. I am a bit (?!) taller than Magiliaq, but managed to squeeze in. Getting out without help would not have been possible... Most rolls worked, but in my Anas Acuta it's easier for me (because of the awkward of position of my legs in Magiliaq's kayak and some parts of the frame of the qayaq that hindered with the lay-back-rolls). I enjoyed the opportunity to try this unique qayaq!
And now I stop writing to go doing rope-gymnastics with Marc. Oops...
Enjoy the last hours: tomorrow it's going home.

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