Sunday, April 05, 2009

Llanca seakayksymposium - pictures of day 2

On the second day of the Spanish seakayak-symposium I was also scheduled for giving a clinic on "assisted and self rescues" in the morning, and on "modern style rolling" in the afternoon. With new students and partly different co-instructors it was a refreshing experience again. In the morning I coached the group together with Stan Szlapka a seakayak-coach from France. The rolling clinic was with Phill Clegg (Britain), Bernhard Hillejan (Germany) and Marc Martin (from Spain). It's big fun being together with kayak-people from so many different nationalities. Languages change from moment to moment. English, French and German are the languages I can deal with, more or less - the rest works with "kayak-language" ;-). The only language I don't practice these days is Dutch. And I am writing this online-diary in English...

The "advanced rolling class" of the afternoon.
Self rescue with paddlefloat (a compulsory piece of kit in France) - not a real success.
The day on the water finished with a demonstration Greenland Style rolling.
The Greenland-style demo-team: Andreas, Hans, Hakola, Bernhard and Manolo.
But it's not only kayaking on this symposium:
Tasting local specialties - Bernhard is for the fire-water...
And the man with the morning-eggs!


marisa said...

Thank you very much Hans for your commentaries of the Symposium and these excellent photographies. We are happy: it has been a success!!! LadyKayak (Symposium Committee)

Hans Heupink said...

Hi Marisa!
Thanks is up to you: I am highly impressed by this unique happening that you and your friends from Pagaia organized. I enjoyed every minute (and am still doing in the paddling week)!

Sean F. said...

Hi Hans!
What an awesome job you did on covering the Sea Kayak Symposium in Spain!! Jeff is currently teaching at the East Coast Kayak Symposium with H2 Outfitters, hopefully he gets some good pics so you can check them out. Thank You Hans, your site has been an ongoing inspiration for us to continue with ours.
Happy Paddling, Sean from
Liquid Rhythm