Thursday, April 09, 2009

Llanca update wednesday-picures

It's weird to have internet connection while I am laying in my sleeping bag in my little shelter. OK, just before I go to sleep: an update with some pictures of this day.
On the last stage of today's paddle, paddling with a following wind at the calmer moments I made a few pictures of Manuel.
Waiting for me to put the camera in place, Manuel demonstrated forward skulling, the Greenland style kayak technique called: Palluusineq.

In the afternoon Bernhard, Stephan and I went shopping in Port de Selva for our evening-meal. But when we returned at the campsite the organization invited all the paddlers to come to the restaurant on Cap Cruez. Surprise! No problem, we leave the pasta for tomorrow.

On the scenic location on the cape (near the lighthouse) a typical Catalan dish was served. Good, the Catalan kitchen is rich and tasty: more than just sausages!


Anonymous said...

Ha Hans,

Een geweldige week, lijkt me. Deze arme broodschrijver is ietsjes jalours. Twee uur heen en in een half uur terug, dat is inderdaad hard werken. Goed gedaan jochie!


Hans Heupink said...

Ola Ad!
Ontzettend leuk - genieten. Volgende keer moet je meekomen. Je kan hier ook aan je brood schrijven ;-)