Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The paddling week: trip to Port Bou

Now the symposium is finished, the Pagaia club has scheduled some seakayak-trips to explore the region for the rest of the week . Today we paddled from the campsite to Port Bou, vice versa. Stephan and I were a bit surprised by the early start and left the beach an hour later, to pick up with the group. Somehow we managed to pass the group, because when we arrived at Port Bou there were no kayaks to be seen. The group must have hidden in one of the caves along the way. That must have been a huge cave with 30 paddlers?! I suppose we just didn't look right. Half an hour after us the group arrived.
Pictures of kayaks with cut of bow and stern are like pictures of people with cut of limbs... sorry, this is a rare picture showing the author himself, arriving in Port Bou.

Back to the campsite we looked after a lost paddler, who had difficulties with keeping course and capsized in the waves. At the end of the day we have perhaps paddled 20 minutes in the group. Anyhow: it was a good paddling day (a lively sea at the end: great surf-rides!).

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